Németvölgyi utca apartment

We like the old buildings that have a history. We sought out an apartment in need of renovation in a place like that, which we then wholly gutted, then giving a new structure to the area we rebuilt according to the needs of the modern times.

We had 92 sqm available. Only the weight-bearing columns and girders remained. We needed a living room – dining room – kitchen area, a guest room, a study, a bathroom, two toilets and a bedroom-relaxation area, as well as a lot of hidden storage space.

The apartment had two entrances originally. We kept the one through which one’s sight can trace over the 13,5 meters without obstruction, moreover, one can immediately enjoy the sight of the flowers on the balcony and the hill in the background.

From the hall on the right is the guest room, the wall of which we rounded to lead the eyes to the interior even more. With this we prevented the creation of sharp shadows and made the hall look more spacious. In the morning the Sun shines on this side, so we used inner windows both here and in the study opposite. With this we managed to bring natural light to places which otherwise would not have gotten it.

The study is small, so we had a four-piece door made to measure , which is open by default, making this place more spacious, but still allows separation from the rest of the apartment.

The white in the dining room – kitchen area gives a clean feeling, but we felt the need to use a “brush of colour” to make it more special. This is why there is an orange line on the cupboards and on the little drawer all tailor-made. Even the lower portions of the kitchen units were placed on the wall, and the LEDs shining downward make the effect of “lightness” even stronger.

The dining table was made to measure based on the designs of Margit. The goal here was again the idea of lightness and opacity. The “lacy” chairs came from Luxembourg, and seem a perfect match to the table.

The bathroom opens from here, which gives a sufficiently wide area for the dynamic morning preparations. We chose a simple white tile. The ellipsoid form that appears throughout the apartment can be seen in the painted glass here (these too are the works of Margit.). The unique towel-rail and the Vitality word seen above it give a sense of motion to the area (here, hidden in the corner is the washing-drying machine, as well as the controls for the hot water and the floor heating.)

The main attraction of the living room is the unique colorful lights . (Again, it is our own design.) Since this was very characteristic, we placed simple, white furniture here. The unique, funny pillows designed by the wife give a splash of colour. The carefully chosen plants and items complete the picture. They were not accidentally placed where they are.

From here opens the intimate bedroom – rest area. Emphasized attraction of the apartment is the bath. We did not want the beautiful form to be hidden behind walls. This ellipsoid appears in other places around the house in one manner or another. The bathtub, due to size and form, is comfortable for two people. The rug surrounding the tub was made from 1700 (!) hand-made pom-poms. The “bubble” lamp above emphasises the idea of bathing, of water.

Stepping out of the living room we arrive to the 8 meters long balcony. The pelargoniums give a hint from the street already: a special home is to be found here.

During furnishing the apartment we were trying to create harmony between its elements. We used colours and lights to create a special atmosphere. We hid the modern “gadgets”, such as. The eat- and soundproofing, air conditioner, floor heating, alarm system, electric shutters, robot vacuum, safe, and of course the kitchen appliances inside. We tried to use the most modern, energy-saving systems everywhere. For example, every light is a LED light.

Additional information

Year: 2014
Street: Németvölgyi utca
City: Budapest
Size: +/- 92 sqm
Status: Sold