We are a married couple living near the Belgium-Luxembourg border. We were both born in Hungary, but are citizens of Belgium. Together we are 117 years old, or have been young for that long. We both spent a lot of time immersing ourselves in contemporary arts. We found design a special interest, and realized that both of us appreciate items that have an “idea” behind them. The designing, building and furnishing of our apartments are joyful, creative processes for us. We always create living space, liveable space for ourselves, that we enjoy for a short period, so that afterwards, refilled with curiosity and a sense of adventure, we can go on to make something new. Many ask us: isn’t it hard to give our home, with all the carefully chosen, often specifically designed and made, objects away? The only reason why it is not so, is because we know: someone else will find happiness in them.

It is a true acknowledgement for us, that our photos of the apartments live a life of their own on the Internet. There are an unbelievable number of websites and blogs about furnishing that had them posted, and we received many glowing praises. We would like to point out one out of these, written anonymously: This is the fulfilment of inner peace in decoration.