Baross utca apartment

The first time this flat was mentioned to us was during a friendly chat, completely “accidentally”. First, we were absolutely disgusted with it, it was sectioned wrong, it was filthy and dark, but we saw in it the potential. It was in such a bad shape, that we had to gut the place. Every inner wall, the whole floor and every technical equipment needed to be thrown out.

Now we could begin from a clean slate.

The whole flat is barely 70 sq meters, so we did not have it easy. It was important to have a decently sized living room, and did not mind if the kitchen and diningroom were in the same area.

We needed a bedroom and a guestroom, and two bathrooms and two toilets as well. It seemed impossible to place all of the above in such a small and irregular floor map. But ‘impossible’ is just a word. It’s a challenge for us.

We drew, we modelled, we started building. Then we broke it back down a bit, since what was all right on paper, somehow did not please us in real life. As it can be seen on the plan: for us, a room does not have to be rectangular, on the contrary, we love arcs. Functionality is more important than tradition. We got some storage space from the loft above the bathrooms, and additional light and interesting sights with the inner windows.

In the end, the proper plan took form. We definitely wanted as much white as possible, since it makes the flat look brighter and larger, the same with shiny surfaces. At the same time, we did not want a sterile atmosphere, since we like colours. The coloured mood lighting was made according to our own designs, using coloured glass and LEDs. This is the decisive piece of the apartment.

The textiles were then chosen according to these, echoing the same colours. The coloured balls sewn into the carpet, or the hand-sewn lines of the bedcover all go back to them, the same goes for the carefully chosen ornaments as well. The green “armchair” in the living room, and the special pillows are the works of the textile-artist lady of the house, too.

The held-back playfulness, the harmonic mood, the play of the lights and the rich technical content makes this home so desirable for us.

It is a dream made reality, where sleeping is good, too.

Additional information

Year: 2013
Street: Baross utca
City: Budapest
Size: +/-  sqm
Status: Sold